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Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalas to his fans is a fascinating character. Jalas is currently a radio presenter at Kiss 100, an actor,a Youtuber and a business person.

He also recently expressed interest in the Lang’ata seat and consequently decided to toss himself into the mucky Kenyan political business. Nonetheless, he is one person that has demonstrated a very exemplary mastery of the ever-changing entertainment industry. From his acting days up to now when he runs multi-million advertisements for various companies, there is a skill to learn from each step he takes. Here are three lessons from Jalas that will make you an instant millionaire in the industry.

1. Do not be choosy

Jalas is simply a Jack of all trades. Performing at a recent event at Sagret Gardens along Kiambu road in Nairobi, Jalas demonstrated that not only is he a master comedian but he is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being a corporate MC and a host. The event was organized by Moh Spice Entertainment and attracted thousands of fans. Tickets were made available by Peepalike, the most credible ticketing company for any event.

That aside, Jalas has often boldly told his fans to NEVER be choosy when it comes to business. Whether it is a client you are working with or a certain skill you want to acquire, Jalas advises that you get as many as possible. The more the skills you have, the more sources of income.

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2. Academic Papers are good, skills are more impotant

While Jalas might not have been the best in his class in terms of academics, many of those who went ahead of him and acquired PhDs are probably behind him in terms of success. Well, if success is measured by wealth, which it is.

Jalas has always been vocal about skills acquisition. He has many times attributed his success to hard work and his skills not the papers. In a country with so much corruption, skills are better than papers, methinks. And so does Jalas.

3. No time to rest

Most people think that when you have become a millionaire you can finally stretch back and relax. Turns out that is not the case. According to Jalas, being rich only means you have to work even harder to maintain the status. It means more hours put into work, less into rest. Well, money does give you the opportunity to relax at a private beach but for fewer hours. So get up and go secure that bag.

Well, there you have it. Success does not always come on a silver platter, unless your dad is Jeff Bezos, and you have to be really disciplined to reach certain levels. Jalas literally rose from a poor fisherman in Kisumu to one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace the entertainment industry in Kenya. His life is envied by most upcoming comedians and even the general public but are they willing to do what it takes?

Remember; do not be choosy, acquire as many skills as you can and rest only when it is necessary.



  • 14 Sep 2021
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