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A great emcee is the cherry on top of any event. It is important to be prepared and take a little time in advance so that you can get the best entertainer possible for your event needs. When it comes down to creating an entertainment plan, there are many options available at an affordable price point: comedians, magicians or even DJs might do just fine!  

You want your host to be prepared for the events that are going to happen. You will need a list of all the actors, what they're doing on stage and when it will be happening so you can ensure all your guests have an enjoyable night! A bad MC can really embarass you at an event.
It is therefore important to find entertainment that is going to go along with the party you are having. You will want them to compliment each other and have your guests entertained and enjoying themselves at your event.

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You need to meet with the emcee before the party so that you are able to know exactly what is going to happen at your party. This is the only thing you can do so that you are able to keep the party on track and moving in the right direction. 
 Having a plan of what is going to happen in advance makes you better informed and able to keep things moving forward.
You should also be aware of the cost. It is very important that you agree on the payment beforehand.
You will not want to be paying a fortune for the entertainment that you are having at your party. You want to be sure that it will fit into your budget so that you can meet all of the other important needs of the party. Remember, you are always in control of your budget and it should keep things moving along just fine. Make sure that you include tax and gratuity in your price.  If you are not sure, make sure you ask what the entire cost of the entertainment will be.  
You need to have an agreement with your emcee. A contract is the best way of making sure that all bases are covered before you give them a hold on their performance for your party. This will be important in order to avoid any surprises and issues that may occur during or after the event such as fraud or miscommunication.
You can be sure that your event will have a terrific time and an even better experience when you hire entertainment with liability insurance. This way, if something goes wrong at the party, it'll remain just as good of a night for all involved.
All in all you need to create the best event ever by protecting yourself and using every dollar you have wisely. To do so, meet the emcee before the event, know their cost and sign a formal contract. Avoid unnecessary surprises.
I hope the Emcee makes your event as fantastic as you had it pictured in your head.

  • 14 Sep 2021
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