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The key to transforming a room is through mood and ambiance, so no matter what you do never stop thinking about the feeling you are trying to create. You can transform an event venue with just some simple decoration without even changing too much of anything else. It's all in how you use them that really matters.

1. Color and boldness

A splash of color is the first step in creating an interesting, creative space.
You can get things like balloons or other decorations that will help bundle up your room with color. If you have a lot of long sheets of fabric then let them hang from the ceiling or gently flow through the space. With creativity there is no limit when it comes to adding colors and boldness as well. The only thing that should be avoided are bright colored fabrics when setting up for romance because red hues work best in this situation. However if you are not going for love then just any hue does fine.
Give your room a personal touch but don't forget about the walls.
The colors you choose can really bring out certain aspects of your personality or mood that may have gone unnoticed before.Remmeber to add different textures such as leather, suede or even fur.
Variety adds spice.

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2. Use objects which accent the background

You should also think about small, little things that will be great accents. You can visit those low-priced craft places and find a million things to use as accents. You may want to purchase a bag filled with seashells or you may want to use simple things like petals and pearls. When it comes to romance, you can't get any more romantic than with rose petals and pearl beads. If you are on a budget, you can find plenty of things like fake crystals, pieces of glass, stones, and other things to place on the tables to accent the place. 

3. Pillars and candle holders

When it comes to adding dimension and height use pillars or candle holders. If your place is small, the extra depth will make a big difference. Just be careful not to let center pieces that are too tall accumulate easily knocked-over items in their vicinity this could hurt guests during an event or lead to losses.

4. Illuminating decor

A more creative way to illuminate your dark room is with matching décor. Tablecloths and floor runners are the perfect solution for doing so. With these, you can pull just pull them out of darkness and add color in one swoop. Brightly colored flowers do not go unnoticed either, as they will add that extra sweet touch when it comes to decoration.

5. Flowers

Nothing could possibly go wrong with flowers.They are used to beautify a room and make it seem more radiant. They do not have to be expensive. Sometimes cheaper flowers can work just as well because they still give off the same bright glow that is desired in most rooms.

6. Use objects to fill space

If the room feels too large and sparse, then try adding round tables to make it feel more intimate. If you want an even smaller space for your guests to enjoy themselves at, long tables with lots of seats will do the trick! When attending a party or event that is held in just one area like a dining hall or banquet hall, people can often find their surroundings overwhelming; but what if there was no other option? Fortunately this problem has been solved by ensuring all spaces are customizable. For example: small rooms should have round table arrangements while larger ones require long rectangular setups.

7. Lighting is key

Ever wonder if there is a difference between the moods created in your home by different types of lighting? The answer, as it turns out, depends on what you want to do. If you are trying to get people aware and make them place bids or donations at an event then bright lights will be better for this purpose than dim ones; however if passion and romance are more desired then the opposite might be true!

In conclusion the goodness of a venue lies solely on how good one uses lights, colors and decor to bring out the desired mood. 

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